Tame The Wolf!


Don’t Let This Beast  markdown wolf

Eat Up Your Profit!

Even the most successful retailers can fall victim to this vicious predator.

The Markdown Wolf normally attacks at the end of the season. You see his tracks in the carnage of red “sale” tickets and in slashed prices. But, he began stalking you months before!

He hid under the cover of “slow traffic”. He watched as you ventured to market and he sneered as you knee-jerked from one ad campaign to another. He drooled as your new inventory slowly grew older, weaker. You heard him howling…but there was little you could do!

We can help! Since 1989, we have brought “big business” services to independent retailers. If it’s a jungle out there, don’t you need all the weapons you can get to help you survive – and thrive?

Successful retailing is the business of the buying and the selling of goods for profit. We help our clients complete this full cycle more effectively.

For a limited time, you can get a free, confidential, professional                                                    retail business analysis

analysis of your business.

Discover if additional profit opportunities are available to you.

No pressure. No obligation. No cost.

Keep the Markdown Wolf off your doorstep!

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