retail consulting for specialty storesAre you an independent retailer looking for new ways to thrive ? Or perhaps even struggling to survive ?  Contacting us may be your answer.

If you currently own a specialty retail store, no doubt you are an expert buyer of the finest, most desirable merchandise for your store. And, like many retail business owners, you may sometimes struggle with the financial demands of meeting payroll, paying vendors on time, or possibly even paying yourself all that you are truly worth.

If so, you are not alone. Retail buying is an art, and every artist has a signature stroke that sets them apart from their peers. However, maximizing cash flow and profits is a science. That’s where The Hallman Company comes in. Our retail consulting service provides the science to match the art and passion you bring to your retail business. The result? More cash profit in your bank account!

By implementing a highly effective and closely guarded process, we help our retail consulting clients across the country increase profitable sales, boost margins, and see more cash from their business. We are not accountants. But if you believe in using outside resources like accountants, we may be the missing link you have been seeking to take your business to the next level.

Highly Affordable – Month to Month “Pay As You Growgrow retail sales

This service, which would normally be beyond the means of most smaller regional chains and single unit stores, is brought to the aid of our clients on an affordable, month to month (no long term contracts) basis. We have clients which have enthusiastically utilized our retail consulting service on a month-to-month basis for over 21 years!

How Our Consulting Process Works

It all begins with an informal conversation. During this initial discovery period, we strive to listen- to get to know you and your business, to find out the things you do well, and the things you feel you could do better. We know that you will want to ask us some questions, and we will need to ask you a few. Once this initial talk is completed, if the chemistry is right, we go to the next level.

The next level is where we ask you to share more specific, confidential information with us. Typically, this includes your stores financials and certain other merchandising information which may be available. Normally we will prepare a breakeven analysis for your business- to see at what time you reach that point at which you have neither made a profit nor a loss. We will discuss possible ways you could lower this breakeven point, which gives you more time during the business period to be generating more profit. We may explore and itemize what those profit possibilities would look like.

At this point, we will be able to quote you a fee based on a customized approach to help you reach your goals.



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